Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Ignorance" and the Mormon Intellectual

By Common Consent recently had a post titled "The Perception of American Ignorance" by blogger SteveP. He gives the example of many Utahns refusal to accept climate change as an example of American ignorance and gives a clarion call for us all to become better informed by relying on scientific magazines and newspapers to form our opinions and to listen to those in authority. Of course, he makes the obligatory slight against those who believe that there could possibly be anything harmful about vaccines. Now whether or not climate change (formerly known as global warming) is occurring is irrelevant to this post. (But note that we should all be attempting to reduce our impact on the environment.) What disturbed me is that when a commenter brought up the issue of vaccination with sound evidence that it is harmful, Brother P and his supporters simply dismissed the idea as pseudo-science and the rest of the comments devolved into a lot of back-patting on the other commenters' acceptance of climate change. So Brother P, is it only scientific if it agrees with your worldview? If you're asking others to examine the evidence and open themselves up to changing their opinion about an uncomfortable issue like climate change, shouldn't you be willing to do the same to do the same with the challenging issue of vaccination?


  1. I know that many LDS blindly follow orders from the church re vaccination, so I shared some info with 2 guys on mission in our neighborhood and suggesting they check out this website where MDs are speaking out. They said, were not allowed to use the internet while on mission. I said, millions of children are being harmed every day, and you're not going to do anything to learn about this so you can alert fellow LDS families? I tried to explain that, if a child is brain damaged from a vaccine, he/she will never grow to fulfill their divine mission on Earth. I guess, if one hasn't researched the topic, one simply cannot fathom the magnitude of this problem today. Here's the website I created to give a brief overview: (Probably about a 100 hours of videos and 200 links to follow.)

  2. I would like to add my research website to that also, if it's ok. - Under the 'Research Websites' tab, I have included a section for LDS members... There is extensive information on my site, and I hope it also helps someone who would like to research more. Thanks.