Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well What Would You Do If... Part IV

Well I'm back again. Had some family stuff that took up all my attention. But it's October now and this post is more relevant than ever. This concludes my "Well What Would You Do If.." series.

Cancer and AIDS- Maybe the medical world knows something I don’t, but I have been under  the impression that cancer and AIDS are not acute diseases and behave nothing like smallpox virus or measles. I was always told that AIDS is a terminal diagnosis and that cancer (even after being “cured”) can come back. I have never heard of anyone getting better from cancer or AIDS and thereby gaining immunity from the disease. There is absolutely no proof that immunization will prevent cancer or AIDS. So why are we attempting to create vaccines for these diseases? Well, it lines pockets and the public loves the idea of a “magic pill” that prevents them from having to take responsibility for their health via healthy eating and chastity.

But this is an issue that reaches beyond responsibility, vaccine advocates say. Around 5% of the total population of Sub-Saharan Africa has HIV/AIDS. (1) It’s epidemic there and these people don’t have a choice. Furthermore, all it takes is one sexual encounter to contract HPV or HIV. Everyone is at risk. And around 12% of women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lives. (2) Another epidemic! It’s October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) So wear pink! Buy pink ribbon yogurt, energy drinks, cookies, soda pop, processed cereal, processed soup, and Rice Krispy Treats! (Incidentally, the National Cancer Institute estimates that there will be more new cases of prostate cancer than breast cancer in 2011, though breast cancer will have a slightly higher death rate. (3,4) Where are all the yogurts, energy drinks, cookies, soda pop, processed cereal, processed soup and Rice Krispy Treats for prostate cancer?)

So, yes, I could develop breast cancer. Or I could end up as the victim of a rape and contract HIV or HPV. It is possible. But if I ever did, I doubt that having a shot of a killed HIV or HPV virus or killed cancer cells would protect me since cancer and HIV do not behave like measles or smallpox.

And if I did contract cancer or AIDS, you would not find me in the hospital. I would go to the Gerson Institute in Mexico or the Creative Health Institute in Michigan. I know that is absolute heresy but that is what I would do. Radiation kills not only cancer cells, but everything else in the body. And I can hear the naysayers right now: “Well, my cousin/ aunt/ sister-in-law/ stepmother’s best friend’s cousin’s daughter tried those alternative therapies and she died! The doctors told her they could beat the cancer with chemo, but she flew to Switzerland/ Mexico/ Hungary and she was dead 6 weeks later and she left behind a husband and 2/ 3/ 4 children!”

Fair enough. Not everyone makes it out of alternative treatments alive. But how about mainstream treatments? Not everyone makes it out of those alive either. And the doctor’s word is not a guarantee. It is possible to get a good prognosis and still die. Furthermore, much is made over “early detection” for cancer, even though this early detection can lead to unnecessary treatment and by that token, unnecessary deaths. (5) However, a number of people have recovered from cancer using “alternative” therapies. Robyn Openshaw has shared some really great examples of these success stories on her blog. (6) I love reading this post because it reminds me of the people who do make it using unconventional therapies. So, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass on the breast cancer vaccine. I’m going to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the color green.



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